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Custom Builder Program


Approved Builder Qualifying Criteria


The following criteria have been established by the developer and the ACC, in the interest of protecting the home buyer and the value and success of the entire development.

Approved Custom Home Builders have been selected to provide expert construction management. A list of these approved Program Builders may be obtained from the Community Sales & Information Center.


Buyers who prefer to hire their own homebuilder may do so if the builder can meet the following criteria to become an approved builder. Each builder must provide documentation proving all of the items outlined below prior to submitting plans to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) for approval, and sign and agree to the Non-Program Builder Agreement with REI, LLC the Developer.



1.          APPROVAL BY THE (ACC): Complete and submit to the ACC; 1) the Design Review Request Form (DRR) check list; 2) Submit 2 sets of construction plans including elevations and specification of materials; 3) Submit 2 copies of an engineer surveyed plot plan showing location of building(s), driveway, landscaping and adherence to the fifty (50) foot front and side yard setbacks.



2.         EXPERIENCE: Builder must have a minimum of 3 years experience and have a current good working relationship with home building subcontractors. A copy of the Builder’s general contractor’s license is to be provided. Builder must have built and closed approximately 10 homes, or otherwise prove that Builder has the experience and ability to build a quality home in accordance with the covenants, set back requirements, ACC guidelines and recommendations, and Weld County codes.



3.         FINANCIAL STABILITY: Provide letter of financial stability and ability to get the construction loan from a lender or banker.



4.         WARRANTY: Provide written One Year Warranty Program and Customer Service Procedures and provide homeowner with a third party 10 Year Structural Warranty.



5.         INSURANCE: Provide proof of appropriate insurance policies including $1million general liability and workers compensation policy naming REI, LLC as additional insured..


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