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Pelican Lake Ranch Property Seach


Follow the instructions below to do a general search for available homes at Pelican Lake Ranch.

1. Under "Details" check the box to  "Hide Backup Offer" if you only want to see properties for sale. Checking "Hide Backup Offer" may reduce number of listings shown.

2. Under "Area" (Subdivision), type Pelican Lake Ranch and press Enter on your keyboard.

3. Listings will populate with either a map or a grid list of properties. 


4. When viewing the map, active listings will be shown with a green marker. Backup listings will be shown with a yellow marker. Hover over marker to show property. Click on property picture when hovering in order to load listing details. 

5. To switch between result views, click on "Map" or "List in the upper right hand corner of your search results. (see pictures below.)

Pelican Lake Ranch Switch to List View
Swtich to Map View.png

**Having trouble viewing the search fields in mobile view? Search externally on

Pelican Lake Ranch

   A Peaceful Country lifestyle    

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